The World Holds Its Breath As Donald Trump Stumbles Toward Nuclear War

Remember when Donald Trump campaigned as the “anti-war” Republican?

Those days seem long gone now.

With Trump taking foolish pot-shots at North Korea and China over Twitter, it appears that our very clumsy and unstable President may be backed into a corner.

Michael Morell, a former CIA director, said on Tuesday that the United States has zero good options in responding to the latest North Korean missile test.

During an appearance on CBS This Morning, Morell warned against a military response to Pyongyang’s weapons tests and flatly dismissed the notion of a diplomatic solution to the matter.

“There is no good option here. There is no military option here to destroy Kim Jong Un’s nuclear program, his missile program,” Morell lamented.

“There is no option that wouldn’t start a second Korean War, and wouldn’t raise the possibility of him using nuclear weapons against his neighbors.”

Morell added that Trump seems almost crippled in limited response, and we can only hope the U.S. military builds up its ICBM defenses.

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